Quality shirts

Traditional craftsmanship and expertise for the kind of quality that only skilled artisans can produce. A process repeated infinitely, in which every shirt is always identical, down to the tiniest detail.

Fine yarns

The careful choice of a thread makes a subtle difference that personalises and enhances the end result.

The cut

At FRAY, the culture of manual skill and the quest for perfection begins right at the start of the process.

Tailoring collars and cuffs

The pursuit of perfection in the tiniest of details is essential to the end result.

Miniature masterpieces in mother-of-pearl

On request, buttonholes are made by hand, and all our buttons are made exclusively from Australian mother-of-pearl, specially thickened, cleaned on the back and finely rounded on the edges to make buttoning-up easier.


The final result goes beyond mere appearance: it represents purity of style, detail, and a design that strives towards perfection of the existing, not towards change.

Quality control

Fray shirts are considered the absolute excellence in luxury shirts.


All the highly-skilled artisanal processes at our workshop are carried out by expert staff. Each shirt, whether an individual piece or part of a large order, is checked at every step, right through to final delivery.